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The road was narrow and winding, as you start the climb up the mountains. Potholes are many but the drivers are skilled.

At John’s Hall the climb begins, twisting and curving as the altitude rises. Passing Spring Mount you get to Hampton Road, Springfield, Welcome Hall, Kensington, Point, Summerhill, Phoenix Road, Maldon, Dondee, and current day Maroon Town.

The road from Maroon Town to Flagstaff has many turns and angles just like the story I will tell you here. As I meander along this three miles’ road, I cannot help but to think of this once famous community, which now lies almost forgotten. It is my intention to raise my community from the ashes of forgetfulness, and plant its feet on the rock solidDescription of Picture. foundation of its former glory. Before I realized I was in Browns Town, then out of nowhere I was there. Flagstaff…..formally Trelawny Town.

Just a brief memory of my last trip there. Stop by “Miss Mcghie” and “Mocho” shop bought some beers for the guys. Went upstairs to view the great undertaking of Michael Grizzle.

This website comes to you based on almost 40 years of research. I have read and collected over 100 books on Trelawny Town. I was born and raised in Trelawny Town area. Played many football and cricket games at "Garrison". Walked "bare footed" on the very grounds that Kojo (Cudjoe) once throd. Ran the first official tour company that took visitors from Montego Bay to Accompong Town. Lived in Accompong Town and learned their history first hand.

I am going to state some facts about the area that the unlearned might find ofensive. I am going to state some facts about the history of my people that many will embrace. I am going to state facts that will call into question the history that has been taught to us. I am going to state some facts that are simply..... the facts.


                                            Welcome to Trelawny Town........ area of my birth.