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Welcome To Flagstaff ...formally Trelawny Town


Road to Flagstaff MaroonsWhere is Flagstaff, St James, Jamaica? The village of Flagstaff is located about two miles from current day Maroon Town in the parish of St James, Jamaica. Maroon Town lies approximately 15 miles, Northwest of Montego Bay, with a population of about 3000. It is nestled in the scenic “Cockpit Country” that spans parts of the parishes of St. James, St. Elizabeth and Trelawny. When the British authorities deported the Maroons of Trelawny Town to Halifax, Canada, after the 1795 Trelawny Town Maroon War, the remnants renamed in the area of Maroon Town. Flagstaff is one on the villages in the Maroon Town and surrounding areas. 

Flagstaff is named after the flagstaff that was erected there about the time of the Trelawny Town Maroon War which started in July 1795.  Prior to the war, this town was called Kojo (Cudjoe) Town by the Maroons, and Trelawny Town by the British. The origin of the English name "Trelawny Town" was in honor of Governor Edward Trelawny (1738-52), who was responsible for making peace and signing a treaty with the Maroons in 1738. The town is shown on several maps from the period as "Trelawny Negro Town" or Trelawny Town and it was located in the Parish of St James. In 1771, St James had been divided into two, with the eastern end being called Trelawny Parish, in honor of the presiding Governor, William Trelawny (1767-71). It so happens  that "Trelawny  Town" remained in St James parish, only a few miles or so from the Trelawny border. 

The Cockpit Country is Jamaica's largest remaining contiguous rainforest. The Cockpit Country is an area comprising parts of the parishes of St James, Trelawny and Saint Elizabeth in the island of Jamaica. The mountains are marked by steep-sided hollows, as much as 120 metres. The Maroons used the difficult terrain for their natural defenses to develop communities outside the control of Spanish or British colonists.

 Flagstaff maroonsFlagstaff, is ideally located and positioned to source international visitors from the hotels of Montego Bay area and from the cruise ship port of Falmouth. Local visitors can also get there quite easily.

Montego Bay, the capital of Saint James Parish on Jamaica’s north coast, having an international airport and its own major cruise ship port boasts numerous beach resorts and golf courses. Popular beaches include Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach. 

Falmouth is the Capital of the parish of Trelawny. It is a busy cruise-ship port and lies between Ocho Rios and Montego bay on the island's North Coast. The City of Falmouth is Characterized y its Georgian architecture. veryone knows the foul history of Africans enslavement in Jamaica, most knows a little about the Maroons and their resistance against the British. But few know the heroic tales and details of the “Trelawny Town Maroon War” commonly referred to as “The Second Maroon War”. This is the story of those tenacious, determined and stubborn freedom fighters, the Maroons of Trelawny Town, now known as Flagstaff in the parish of St James, Jamaica. Our Digital library consist of almost 100 books, some with different accounts of the same incident. We will present the facts and let you draw your own conclusion.  We have spent hundreds of hours researching, and reading from many different sources, and hope to clear up some of the misconceptions, and false history about the area and to bring to light some of the hidden historical treasures of the area and people.  We have endeavored to present in this Tour, through arranging and documentation, faithfully detailing and fairly commenting on the evidence, we have obtained about the district of Flagstaff (aka  Trelawny Town) illustrating  the correct and important role the Maroons played in the  history of Jamaica. 

This is not another historical account of the Maroons of Jamaica, but instead a historical documentation of the events that took place in Trelawny Town (aka Flagstaff). I will focus a lot on The Trelawny Town Maroon War, because Flagstaff, formally Trelawny Tow, was center stage to all these events with the cockpit country forming the back drop.

There are a few reasons behind the outbreak of the Second Maroon War.

  • Firstly, two Trelawny Town Maroons were flogged in Montego Bay for stealing pigs. 

  • Secondly, according to the terms of the treaty, the white Superindent,  Captain Craskell,  had recently been stationed among the Maroons, but he was not well-liked among them.

  • Thirdly, many Maroons were also upset over the small size of the land they'd been given.

Although the Maroons did not object to the punishment of their men, carried out under sentence from a court, they did find fault with the way the sentence was carried out. The man wielding the whip, as well as most of the onlookers, were slaves who had been captured and returned by the Maroons, and their mockery during the punishment was an unbearable insult





                                            Welcome to Trelawny Town........ area of my birth.